Monday, August 27, 2007

Week 9 ~ New England and International

Korinthe unintentionally went for a two-fer this week. She started with a Deborah Madison-inspired potato soup, and came back later with a whole day's worth of local eats.

Laurie put together a lovely pizza featuring her backyard tomatoes.

Wendy treated her husband's business associates to a typical Maine feast: lobster, corn on the cob, coleslaw, rolls and a blackberry and peach cobbler. Mmmm.... I would have loved to sit in on that business lunch!

Leslie's simple meal shows how truly easy local eating can be.

One Local Summer is inspiring Heather to try new things: last week she made her first pizza, and this week she feasted on grilled veggies, trying grilled zucchini for the first time.

My sister-in-law was visiting for a few days, and we treated her to chicken enchiladas verde, made with our own chicken and tomatillos. Who knew Maine could be tomatillo country?

Karen in Ontario made a fabulous meatloaf.

Mary in Ontario found a new toy in the local thrift shop, and made a batch of Kettle Corn from local popcorn, and called it dinner. It's maybe a wee stretch, but she was excited, so go look!

Moonwaves in Ireland is having a busy time of it, but managed to squeeze in a plate of veggies and some nice Cheddar cheese.

Amanda in Scotland managed to squeeze in a meal of baked potatoes topped with summer veggies and cheese. She finished her dissertation, so wander over there and congratulate her, 'kay?

Cheryl in Vancouver made a gorgeous summer veggie quiche.

Sadly (or not), next week is the final week of One Local Summer. Will the intrepid local eaters stick it out? Will there be a surge in participation? Will everyone be on vacation instead?
You'll only find out if you tune in next Monday for the final installment.

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