Sunday, August 26, 2007

Mid Atlantic Week #9

I want to thank the four stalwarts who posted this week in One Local Summer. This week before school starts is about as busy as the winter holidays, so I understand that people are being pulled in other directions.

Nicole in New Jersey used local sausage and peppers for her main meal and then made a berry tart for dessert

Bezzie from New Jersey drew on local potatoes and Philly knockwurst for her local meal this week.

Over at Farm Dreams Christy in Delaware made pasta with her Mom and since Mom had never tasted pesto before, she made a pesto sauce for the homemade pasta.

Rabi from New York came through with two offerings. The first was a roasted eggplant pesto with green beans and squash sauce. And the second was a dinner of corn beet greens and mashed potatoes.

You guys rock. Stay with it for one more week.

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