Monday, August 27, 2007

The South, week 9

Whew. The dog days of summer are upon us. The garden is sun-scalded and plagued by pesky blister beetles. But there's good stuff to be had!

Lastewie made a diner-style dinner of local burgers, fries, and TWO kinds of tomatoes: sliced red, and fried green (now that, my friends, is a victory for southern cooking). For dessert, she had frozen strawberries and lemon ice cream.

Similarly, Molly made hamburgers on homemade bread with a side of tomato and cucumber salad. Oh, and some edamame from a local farm. (I wish ours was still in season--it seems to have disappeared!)

Jeff and Joyce never planned a local meal this week, but they did accidentally have two of them. (Isn’t it great how that happens after you’ve been doing this a while?) One was crustless quiche, and the other was--yes, once again--tacos.

As for us at 10 Signs, we had tacos twice this week: once with White Oak Pastures beef and once with our own chicken. But I submitted spaghetti with meat sauce as our OLS meal, due to degree of difficulty. I had to make the Italian sausage on the spot because I hadn’t gotten around to it when we got our half-pig in January. Freezer raid! Where’s that bag labeled “future sausage”?

Jasmine has noticed that she tends to eat her meals in an unassembled state. Recall that last week she had enchilada filling. This week it was eggplant ravioli filling! I say bravo--assembled or not, the food chez Jasmine always looks phenomenal.

This week Laurie made a crock pot stew of chicken, carrots, onions, and cutting celery with herbs. She served it with field peas, butterbeans, and okra. Dessert was cantaloupe, which is at its best right now!

Week after week, Paulette has wowed us with beautiful beef dinners from her family’s ranch. But in the third straight week of 100-plus-degree temperatures, all she wanted was a vegetarian meal. Check out the dessert wine!

Pattie made a cheese-, egg-, and vegetable-filled “quichey/tart thing” and spent much of her week foraging for figs, muscadine grapes, and greens.

Amy gave new life to leftover North Carolina-caught grouper by making it into beer-battered fish fritters. The little fried nuggets accompanied bowls of chilly gazpacho, and the meal was topped off with a dessert of apple crumble and locally made ice cream.

Maggie had a mightily hectic week, but still managed to squeeze in two almost-local meals: one of spaghetti with marinara sauce, and one of shiitake mushroom and wild rice soup.

That’s it for this more to go! I’m going to try to go out in style. How ‘bout you?

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