Monday, August 20, 2007

OLS West Week 8


I'm super sad to report that Chez Gnome didn't have a complete local meal at all this week. We've been getting ready for fair this next week and I couldn't pull it off. Please accept my lame excuse and check out what wonderful things everyone else created.

Homesteaders In Training made a wonderful meal of an iced melon concoction(think melon sherbet), cucumber salad, and rhubarb crunch.

Cookiecrumb made a lot of wonderful meals this week. I'm going to pick her last as the OLS. It's a beautiful pasta and tomato dish from Nora Ephron's 1983 "novel" Heartburn. It looks amazingly delicious.

Sarah at Sarah's Homestead Blog made Vegetarian Shepherd Pie. Doesn't that sound yummy!

Krystle and Hans-Peter at Taste the Seasons had a busy week making Rolled Eggplant Tapas, Corn Chowder w/ Chilis, and Chiles Rellenos. And recipes are included!

Turtle made a delicious soup and salad. She even made her own soup noodles!

Lauren at Urban Hennery made two meals this week. 8.1 was Ling Cod, broccoli and tomato and 8.2 was London Broil, green beans and tomato.
"We’ve really been enjoying the fresh tomatoes now that we can get them in quantity - and to me nothing is better than a fresh warm tomato drizzled with vinegar topped with salt and pepper."
For sure!

Great job everyone! If everyone else's farmers markets are like ours, next week's meals should be spectacular!

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