Monday, August 20, 2007

The Mid-Atlantic OLS Week #8

With just a bit if a chill in the air this weekend, we offer the meals of the Mid-Atlantic rich in tomatoes and the garden's bounty

Jasmin NY (just outside Manhattan) posted a Week #7 meal that I missed because it was posted after six last week. It was a carrot, ginger and beet soup complete with recipe. Doesn’t it look scrumptious?

Naomi from Philadelphia’s contribution this week was a beef stir fry with tomatillos as the star ingredient.

Nicole channeled Grandma Aurora this week for a squash blossom recipe and added a zucchini basil cream sauce to pasta.

Bezzie from New Jersey made a black bean and corn salsa

Peg from New York posted our first ratatouille of the season. WE ought to have an award for the first person to put together a ratatouille.

Mikaela from PA made this impressive tortilla tower out of veggies from her CSA share and tempeh. A salad side and a slice of watermelon rounded out the plate.

Seedling in NJ’s dinner this week featured her own vine ripened tomatoes over a locally made pasta.

Using Bob’s Red Mill recipe Christy in Delaware made tortillas from scratch and then used them for yummy looking quesadillas

Rabi from NY used her left over veggies, some tofu and local buckwheat to make a tempting summer salad.

Great work everybody. Let's keep the good news coming her ein the last two weeks.

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