Monday, August 6, 2007

OLS West Week 6

Summer has created a bit of a schedule crunch here at Chez Gnome. With the garden and a birthday this week, our dinner was meager at best. We had veggie stir fry with egg. Pretty boring but there you go.

Cookie crumb at I'm Mad and I Eat made a wonderfully simple yet tasty dish of homegrown tomatoes stuffed with egg salad, served over homegrown lettuce leaves. (Must try this one)

Lauren at Shooting Stars of Thought has yet another wonderful post with recipes. She had sea bass in paper, homemade orichette with arugula pesto, and eggplant caponata with roasted red peppers. What a feast!

Turtle at My Green Turtle made chicken salad. The salad consisted of red butter lettuce, cucumber, red peppers, chicken, and tomato. There was also squash on the side. Even her butter for the squash was local.

Sarah is being buried alive by summer squash of all sizes and shapes. What do you do with those round ones? Stuff 'em, of course!

Amy enjoyed beet salad, Alaska-style (with smoked salmon).

Melissa had her lovely assistant help out with the pasta making, then topped the noodles with sauteed zucchini and onions. Melissa recently posted her refrigerator pickle recipe, so get your hands on some cukes!

Great job everyone!

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