Monday, August 20, 2007

Week 8 ~ New England & International

Frances showed her visiting friends how they roll in Western Mass. (it sounded cooler when she said it), first by hiking on the Appalachian Trail, then grilling up a plethora of local veggies. And what would a visit with good friends be without dessert of peach & strawberry sorbet?

Korinthe made a big dish of Macaroni & Cheese with veggies and sausage.

Lisa enjoyed her own home-raised, home-butchered, beer-marinated chicken for dinner, along with corn on the cob, roasted red potatoes, refrigerator pickles, and red cabbage slaw. If that wasn't enough, they had blueberry ice cream for dessert.

Us New Englanders must have had the chicken harvest on the brain, because James and I also spent part of our weekend dispatching our meat chickens. Along with baked chicken, this week's dinner consisted of new potatoes, coleslaw and a baked tomato, all from the garden.

Leslie is a lucky one with a friend who is a fisherman. Gordon supplied the Bonita, and Leslie's garden supplied the rest.

Between her farm share and her Boston Organics box, Magid had a ton of veggies to get through. In order to make room for all of it in the fridge, she roasted some, made a couple of salads, and enjoyed it all with scrambled eggs with greens. She says she couldn't get herself interested in "figuring out a dessert", but I don't see how she had the room!

Wendy's having a tough week on her homestead, and a simple pizza was an easy thing to make for her girls. I don't think they thought it was boring!

Laurie enjoyed a swiss chard & potato torta, summer squash, and a cuke and tomato salad.

Cheryl in Vancouver got the kids involved in a very involved dinner: baby portobello mushroom ravioli. No one cared that they didn't eat until 9pm, because they were having SO MUCH FUN!!

Moonwaves in Ireland had a very special omelette with her very own peas and tomatoes in it. Three cheers for home gardens!

Mary in Ontario finally got her hands on some local peppers, and made some lovely vegetable fajitas.

Only two more weeks of One Local Summer to go. I know some of you are dealing with record heat, but we're starting to wake up to some CHILLY mornings! It's hard to believe summer is ending already.

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