Monday, August 13, 2007

Week 7 ~ New England & International

I've always thought of pasta "primavera" as a late spring/early summer dish, but here in Maine, we don't really have enough veggies for this classic until sometime in August. It was well worth the wait, though.

Leslie had the meal that seems to make most folks outside of New England the most jealous: lobster.

Wendy's husband often comes home for lunch, but this past week he missed out on a tomato and cheese omelet, homefries and french toast. I bet he's sorry he had that meeting...

Heather gave tortilla-making a try, and filled them with local eggs and pico de gallo.

Frances found herself craving a hearty vegetable soup after waking up to a chilly morning.

Lisa just added a tortilla press to her collection of kitchen tools so she could make corn enchiladas the slow-food way: with homemade corn tortillas, and two kinds of homemade cheese. Yum!

Korinthe enjoyed burgers, salad and some more of her salsa verde.

Laurie dined on foccacia along with veggies two ways: warm and roasted, and cool and marinated.

Moonwaves in Ireland turned to the kind of hearty meal her Mum would make: mince with potatoes. Mmmm.... comfort food.

Rebecca in Scotland has been super busy writing her dissertation, but managed to find time to get to the Edinburgh festival and make some homemade pasta with zucchini sauce. Whew!

Karen in Ontario enjoyed a simple meal of scrambled eggs with veggies.

Cheryl in Vancouver needed a quick meal, and tossed some non-local pasta with garden veggies and pesto (even local Parm!). She made up for the non-local pasta, though, with a local breakfast and lunch.

Yukino in Moldova got back in the game this week with a baked veggie and pasta dish that nearly looks like pizza.

Mary in Ontario went all out with a local Indian feast: pea curry, zesty roasted corn on the cob and even samosas (one of my absolute faves)!

Another great week of summer down, with a lot of great local meal ideas. I'm thinking I need to hit Mary up for that samosa recipe....

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