Monday, August 6, 2007

Mid-Atlantic Week Six

This was the “week of the frittata” in the Mid-Atlantic. Lots of local eggs went into this week’s meals.

Nicole reported in with a Chard Tart with a side of huge cherry tomatoes and melon and blueberries for dessert

Naomi from Philadelphia was able to put together a tofu stir fry from local ingredients over a bed of greens.

Bezzie from New Jersey made a chicken quesadilla with salsa. Her salsa photo is fun.

Peg from New York made a mouth watering Potato, Onion and Tomato Frittata with Goat Cheese.

Jasmin adapted a Deborah Madison recipe and made Potato and Pesto Croquettes this week. Doesn’t that look good?

Christy in Delaware made her first ever frittata featuring blue potatoes from he garden.

Rabi from NY missed her Week Five posting due to an emergency room visit … but please check it out here. She also did a bonus meal for Week#5 brought to you by the letter B

Linda from New York has returned from her family travels and welcomed the chance to eat local again. Her meal consisted of barbequed pork chops (from the “eternal pig”) a potato and bean salad and fried green tomatoes.

Mikaela made some whole wheat tortillas and filled them with local veggies and tofu scrambler. The bean salad and corn sides and the strawberry dessert made for a very attractive plate.

Great job everybody!!!! Look forward to next week !

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