Monday, August 13, 2007

OLS West Week 7


This week at Chez Gnome, we had pesto chicken on pasta with a kitchen sink salad.(everything we could think of we through into that salad: eggs, carrots, zucchini, tomatoes....) We had fresh nectarines for dessert.

Amy at Amystery is starting to experience the first touches of fall there in Alaska. She made Risi e Bisi which is a type of risotto.

Cookiecrumb at I'm Mad and I Eat had a tart of whole-wheat flour crust (and butter and cream), filled with home-grown tomatoes, some herbs, and a sauteed onion. She goes on to say:
"The veggies went over the partially blind-baked crust, which was first smeared with Bodega Goat Cheese crema (groan!), and then it was topped with grated Spring Hill dry jack. Oh, mommy."

Turtle had modified Spanish Torta. You have to see how beautiful it looks!

Laura at the Urban Hennery made not one, but 3 OLS meals this week. She started with an egg scramble on Thursday, then came beef hash on Friday. Saturday night she finished with grilled chicken, a salad, corn on the cob and garlic mashed potatoes. They washed it all down with fresh peach ice cream.

Melissa at Homesteaders in Training feasted on corn on the cob, one of her absolute favorites, along with leftover noodles. She calls it a "cop out". We call it "good eats".

Sarah at Sarah's Homestead Blog had a big salad. It included greens, cherry tomatoes, lemon cucumber, roasted turnips and beets, and carrots. How refreshing

Wonderful job everyone.

Only a few more weeks to go!

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