Thursday, May 1, 2008

Announcing the 2008 One Local Summer!

Liz sends her regrets - she will no longer be hosting One Local Summer, and has passed the reins on to me!

One Local Summer will be hosted this year at Farm to Philly, a group blog that not only talks about all things localvore in the Philadelphia region but also shares recipes, gardening tales, and national and international news bits that impact us all. One Local Summer will begin this year on Sunday, June 1 and will run until Sunday, August 31.

The rules will remain the same: create at least one meal each week during the challenge that's made entirely of locally grown ingredients (the acceptable exceptions: salt and pepper, oil, spices). Post your meal(s) to your blog (or for those without blogs, you can email in a report about your challenge meal). Posts broken down by region will be posted at Farm to Philly that detail what everyone's doing!

I hope you'll join us for the 2008 One Local Summer challenge! If you've done it before, you know it's a great deal of fun to live vicariously through the person who has access to local clams, discover new vegetables and new ways to use vegetables, and challenge yourself to support local farmers in more meaningful ways. Please sign up for One Local Summer at Farm to Philly or by emailing me.

The deadline for registration is Sunday, May 25.

At this time we are also accepting volunteers to coordinate regional activity. Those regions are: West, New England, International (all countries outside the U.S.), Midwest, South, and Mid-Atlantic. We may end up breaking these regions down into smaller groups if we have a large number of people signed up. Coordinators will be responsible for collecting and collating updates from the participants in their assigned region and posting updates each week to the Farm to Philly site.

Edited to note: I will also be creating a FAQ about One Local Summer for newcomers to the challenge. If you have suggestions on information to include in the FAQ or questions, please leave a comment or email me.