Monday, August 13, 2007

The South, week 7

It has been between 100 and 105 degrees here every day this week except for Saturday. We are all going stir-crazy, and one of my best market-gardener friends lost almost all of his tomatoes to the scalding-hot sun. The fruit literally cooked in its skin. We have fared a little better, but I think only because we grow more tougher-skinned and potato-leafed varieties.

No one really feels like eating too much, but we are doing our best! In fact, some of our southern OLSers really pulled out the stops this time around.

Jasmine says “the heat and drought has had some strange effects on what is available from my CSA and the market.” Still, she’s been making some gorgeous roasted vegetables. She used them on pasta last week and has been contemplating pre-freezing homemade pie crusts for spur-of-the-moment vegetable tarts.

After her heroic turn as my temporary replacement last week (thanks again, sweetie--Cairo is doing quite a bit better, and he sends you a kiss!), Stew put up a batch of pesto and invited a friend over for a ravioli dinner.

Jeff and Joyce are on the all-tacos-and-corn diet lately...which doesn’t sound like a bad way to be. Can I come over for dinner, guys?

The Purloined Letter, on vacation in Asheville, N.C., managed to whip up an entire day’s worth of local menus. And that’s not all: follow her links to see a Shabbat dinner and a tour of local restaurants.

Jen and her hubby are “the Best Blackberry Scavengers Ever in all the world.” They’re going to thank themselves later for making blackberry jam and wild blackberry wheat ale. Oh, and meanwhile, they’ve been canning spaghetti sauce, too.

Laurie had my very favorite type of meat this week. And delectable Green Zebra tomatoes, too! And a homemade baguette. And corn. And cobbler. Sigh.

Busy day? Check. Excruciatingly hot weather? Check. Paulette responded by making a quick, easy, and delicious meal of steak strips and sauteed veggies.

Maggie cleared the tomatoes off the dining room table so she could serve roast chicken, freshly dug fingerling potatoes, Roma and wax beans, and cornbread.

Pattie beat the heat with a cucumber salad “just like Mom used to make.” Sounds good to me--we've been looking for any excuse to use the cool, crisp veggies.

Amy and I both made desserts that mysteriously turned into soup. Hers was a peach pie, and mine was a muscadine grape cobbler. Ah, well--things happen! Better luck to us both next time.

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