Monday, July 9, 2007

Week Two ~ New England & International

Another fabulous week of summer has come and gone. Here in New England, we're just getting past lettuce season, so the variety of locally available produce is improving a bit. Now comes the hard part of waiting for things like ripe tomatoes!

In Maine:
Wendy prepared an old family favorite, chili, using some home-canned tomatoes from last year's garden.

Melissa is making the most of her remaining time in Maine, and continuing the seafood theme. This week's meal of pouch-cooked haddock, salad and strawberries starred heavy cream from a local farm in the form of butter, buttermilk dressing and whipped cream. Wish Melissa and her man a safe move to Colorado, why don'tcha?

Heather is reading labels, asking questions, and learning more about where her food comes from. This week, during some of our cool Maine weather, she roasted her first chicken.

"Build your own chef salad" was the theme at Cheryl's this week.

Stephani and I both had quiche this week, only hers was crustless.

In Massachusetts:
Leslie's braised lamb shanks look positively mouth watering. Ruth Reichl's Hashed Browned potatoes were a lovely addition.

Laurie had a creative twist on linguine with (freshly dug) clams.

Fran has embraced the bounty of Massachusetts and Vermont with two local meals this week: the first of goat cheese, eight-grain bread, and grilled squash, and pesto pizza with veggies and more goat cheese.

Korinthe hosted a bbq which turned out to be mostly local.

In Vancouver, Cheryl's frittata was a big hit with her son, who has turned to begging for more!

In Ontario, Karen's hearty salad did double duty as lunch and a side dish to grilled burgers.

Also in Ontario, Mary found inspiration from Stacey's post, and made some new local food connections, culminating in fried eggplant and veggies for dinner.

In Scotland, Amanda brought a little bit of America to her 4th of July feast of burgers, potato salad, pickles and strawberry shortcake.

In Ireland, Moonwaves prepared a simple spinach omelet for herself.

Yukino in Moldova checked in with boiled potatoes with sauteed tomatoes and parsley, and pancakes.

And for anyone who thinks it's too late to participate in One Local Summer, I'd love it if you read this post.

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