Monday, July 30, 2007

The Mid-Atlantic OLS Week #5

We had some participants drop out and some drop in this week in the Mid-Atlantic.

After a two week hiatus, Naomi made a saute of local tofu, peppers squash and mushrooms and served it over local greens.

Peg put together a BLT made with homemade bread. And although the bacon was not local, the other items like corn on the cob, summer squash and peaches were. Boy, a BLT … what a great idea.

Nicole now has a blog up and running! Congrats, Nicole. In fact she did TWO meals this week! A Corn, Tomato and Potato Salad followed by a Peach Tart. A Nicoise Salad minus the tuna and a Cantaloupe Granita. Recipes are included!

Mikaela has found a wealth of vegan protein sources in Pennsylvania. This week’s meal was a barbeque of summer squash, onion, and tempeh. A chilled salad of orange and red tomatoes with green beans rounded out the plate and peaches and strawberries were for dessert. Just in case you think tempeh can’t make your mouth water, take a look at THIS.

Though she wasn’t able to snap a picture of it, Meredith grilled a local portabella mushroom and put it on a grass fed burger … had a side of sweet corn and a dessert of fresh white peaches.

Seedling got her husband to make this week’s menu … Eggplant mozzarella, salad, local rolls and corn.

Christy, who btw has done a great job tracking the Farm Bill for us, made her own pasta this week from local ingredients and tossed it with local pesto. Her son loved cutting the noodles.

Steph G made a meal with a southwestern flair this week. Using hot peppers, green peppers, scallions, tomatoes and local free range chicken, she put together a Southwestern Chicken and Veggie Sautee. But the REAL event was the cornbread that she put together with locally ground corn meal.

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