Sunday, July 8, 2007

Week 2-the Latecomers

Tracy enjoyed a July 4th local meal, and she has a little something to say about how easy it is to cook for yourself.

Katrien really enjoys here local meal this week.

Carmen enjoyed a very simple local meal.

Faith also enjoyed a July 4th cookout, and she had turkey apple sausage, which sounds very yummy!

Patt chimed in that even while they are crazy busy at their farm picking all the sweet corn that's ready they were able to enjoy a July 4th meal.
Local 4th of July meal: Venison brats (husband hunts), potato salad-potatoes & eggs from O’Rourke Farms-mayo & mustard not local-onion from our farm; cantaloupe-1st of the season from our farm, unfortunately the procuitto isn’t local, but I’m working on that!

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