Monday, July 30, 2007

Week 5-The Latecomers

Well, I'm late today. Way too much going on this weekend, but here's the run down.

Carmen decided to join the breakfast club by having some whole wheat pancakes. By the way, is it OK to say I like that movie even if I am a guy? Well even if it isn't, I'm going to say I like that movie quite a bit. Same with Can't Buy Me Love and Sixteen Candles...anyway...

Karl was so busy eating local meals I don't know how he found time for anything else. One time he ate a cow named Merlin (now that's knowing your food). They also had some fresh chicken noodle soup to help recover from an illness. (Somehow we got off on our numbering but I think we're back on now) And in this post he talks about local ketchup and links to a recipe. I remember my Dad telling me that my great-grandmother use to make her own ketchup too "back on the farm". He really liked it. Maybe some day I'll get to that level.

Faith enjoyed her new picnic table, some local BBQ chicken and a drink called Cantaloupe Juice. She fails to share detailed instructions, but I am demanding right now that she share a more detailed instructional post, with pictures, with the world.

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