Monday, July 16, 2007

Week 3 ~ New England & International

It sure has been busy here, and it seems elsewhere as well because entries are down for the week. Go see what others are making and check in next week with your own local meal!

James and I finished a long day of barn-building with barbecue chicken, grilled garlic scapes and green beans. Easy and satisfying!

Leslie had a green theme this week: green beans, sugar snaps, garlic scapes along with local fluke with garden herbs.

Jen & Steve spent week 2 on the Cape, but are back this week with striped bass from their vacation.

Heather is still experimenting in the kitchen and making new foods.... this week she successfully attempted making pasta, although she lacked the equipment for rolling it out.

Lisa also gave pasta-making a try with her new toy, I mean tool. (Don't get jealous, Heather!)

Cheryl's meatloaf looks like a quick, easy and comforting meal.

Laurie's husband went clammin' and provided the cherrystones and oysters for their local meal.

Fellow Mainer Wendy had nine (nine!!) local meals this week, and still thinks she's not doing enough. Can someone besides me talk some sense into her? ;)

ETA: Stephani received her first CSA share, and made herself a bowl of Spring Pea Soup. Also in her share was a loaf of olive bread, which although not local was no doubt delicious I can say this with confidence... her CSA farmer is an awesome baker).

Mary in Ontario learned that a little bit of persistence pays off, as she finally found locally grown and milled grains. She used some of her new cornmeal in cornbread that she served alongside curried carrots and oven roasted beets and potatoes.

A trip to the Italian market inspired Cheryl in Vancouver to make a big, bubbling dish of homemade gnocchi. Freshly churned berry ice cream looks like the perfect finish to her meal.

Amanda in Scotland enjoyed a traditional Irish dish called Colcannon.

Karen in Ontario got the morning started off right with a lovely frittata.

And Yukino in Moldova had a stunning array of local food pics this week.

If anyone was missed, just leave a comment in your area's roundup, and next week, please have your meal posted by 6 pm EST. Thanks so much, and keep cooking those great local meals!

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