Monday, July 23, 2007

OLS West Week 4

Here at Chez Gnome, there are no photos of our meal this week. It was just too yummy to stop and take the time. We had roasted chicken with vegetables which included carrots and potatoes. For desert we had fresh peaches. Yum!

Laura at the Urban Hennery made a meal on the fly. They are just getting ready to leave on a cross country trip. She prepared spaghetti, salad, and ice cream for dessert.

My Green Turtle made salad with red peppers, carrot, and eggs. She also made beets! She too will be hitting the road this next week. She posted a second meal this week to make up for next week while she'll be gone but I'll save it till next week's post.

Sculpin has hurt herself! She is going to be taking it easy and not doing a lot of standing. Get better!

Cookiecrumb at I'm Mad and I Eat made local corn; potatoes mixed with peas; cucumbers; and tomatoes this week. I love what she said about summer cooking in the heat:
"I agree with my friend Catherine, who said that during the warm season, simple food is best. That doesn't mean you can't get complex flavors. Just layer bite after bite, clockwise or counterclockwise, around your plate."

Great advice!

Amy at Amystery made homemade pesto, cheese and local tomatoes on noodles. They look wonderful.

Sarah at Sarah's Homestead Blog made a yummy pizza of Spinach, basil, tomatoes, zucchini, garlic, and onion. She didn't stop there and made Lightly boiled new potatoes with butter and chives and a wilted spinach and kale salad with lime drizzles turnips and a poached egg. Two meals this week!

Lauren at Shooting Stars of Thought made mushroom and gouda humitas, served alongside Winchester Gouda, bread from Charlie's Best bakery, and a simple arugula and yellow tomato salad. And again, recipes!


The West is doing an amazing job!

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