Monday, July 23, 2007

Week 4 ~ New England & International

James and I enjoyed the first potatoes of our season this week, and nearly died from delight. The pastured lamb was fabulous, but those potatoes may haunt my dreams.

Carole in Massachusetts joined us this week with her first local meal, and she did a fabulous job: Swiss chard quiche, tossed salad and steamed kohlrabi. The family had never had kohlrabi before, but gave it the seal of approval. I agree!

Wendy in Maine checked in with barbeque spareribs, a salad and corn. Corn! in Maine! There is hope that I'll see some soon, then. She also tried her hand at making crackers.

Leslie brought American Chop Suey to her Slow Food convivium's potluck dinner.

Melissa safely made the big move from Maine to Colorado last week (which means I'll have to send her over to the Western round-up). Not only did she try her hand at high-altitude baking for the first time, but she scored her veggies (for free) as part of her new job at Red Wagon Organic Farm. Beet pizza never looked so good.

Heather fought off an unseasonably chilly, rainy day with a pot of spicy sausage and kale soup.

Laurie filled round zucchinis with homemade chicken and cranberry sausage. More squash (in the form of pattypan) and Johnnycakes rounded out her meal.

Stephani's CSA recently started and she's flush with veggies. Like Heather, she made Sausage & Greens soup, but her sausage ended up being too spicy. Whoops!

Frances laid out a feast for herself and Dan this week: salad, grilled veggies, hard boiled eggs and cheese. And local beer to wash it all down.

Korinthe had a successful go at making mozzarella, which topped her two-faced pizza: one half pesto, the other saucy.

Burgers on the grill appealed to Lisa, and she did hers up deluxe, with onions, mushrooms and queso blanco. Add raspberry ice cream, and you really can't get any better than that.

Amanda in Scotland checked in with a meal made by her man, Aaron, who she keeps barefoot and in the kitchen. ;) Aaron spoiled her with a spinach and mushroom frittata, sauteed zucchini and Hibernian brown bread (one of my absolute faves).

Karen in Ontario dined on steak, spuds and peas, before sharing more of her garden pics with us.

Cheryl in Vancouver made some sweet-looking veggie burgers. Who needs pre-formed patties when you can dine on grilled eggplant, zucchini, and baby 'bellas with Swiss instead?

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