Monday, July 30, 2007

Week 5 ~ International & New England

Looks like we're halfway through One Local Summer 2007! Of course, that only means the challenge is half-over, not the summer (although I personally wouldn't mind a return to cooler temps). The bifurcated carrot is apropos nothing, I just thought it looked cool.

In reverse this week, I bring you the International and New England participants...

Mary in Ontario was inspired by Cheryl's gnocchi of a few weeks back. They look like they came out perfectly!

Cheryl in Vancouver composed a meal made of side dishes: potatoes, Szechuan green beans and her "favorite salad". Cheryl, do tell what's in that salad... I think I see lentil sprouts.

Karen in Ontario made a fine looking pizza with green peppers, mushrooms and tomatoes. Two kinds of cheese (cheddar and goat mozzarella) topped it off. That definitely rivals the pizzeria!

Amanda in Scotland was missing her man this week while he was off in Israel. So what did she do? She made several days worth of pasta with local veggies, worked on her dissertation, and hogged the bed.

Laurie tucked into a plate of meatloaf, veggies and cornbread (with no wheat flour!). A diligent search paid off, and Laurie found a good recipe in a cookbook from the '20s. Wanna share it with the rest of us?

Lisa kept the house cool by grilling a pizza topped with home-grown sundried tomatoes, Greek basil and homemade mozzarella and ricotta.

Stephani discovered one of the benefits of eating locally: shedding a couple of pounds. No, not because you'll starve if you eat locally, but because eating lots of fresh veggies is so darn good for ya! She made some big pots of veggie and bean soups to take her through this week.

Fiber artist Kim in the mountains of New Hampshire joined us for the first time this week. She's found that sourcing local ingredients is a little bit harder than she thought it was going to be, but recently stumbled across a grist mill while visiting a friend. She pleased the kids enormously with oat and strawberry pancakes. Yum!

Leslie had a hard time resisting striped bass this week, and served it with a simple butter, garlic and basil sauce. She also came up with some creative ways to serve all those extra cukes.

Magid is trying to use up that farm share before the next one comes in, and cooked up tons of veggies.

Wendy's daughter got married this weekend, so Wendy treated her visiting sister to a Maine lobstah dinner. Earlier in the week, her young daughter got creative with her chef salad.

It's been hot in Maine. Whew! I know I don't have much room to complain about the heat, considering what the rest of you are dealing with, but when you get used to negative temps in the winter, anything above 85˚F has me wilting like a head of lettuce in the full sun. So I made some quick, easy, fall-apart noodles with one of our favorites: canned smoked fish.

Thanks for another great week, and keep making those fabulous local meals!

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