Monday, July 9, 2007

Week Two in the Mid-Atlantic

We had a bigger turnout this week in the Mid-Atlantic. Everyone is going at this with gusto and it is fun to read about all your meals.

In “the city”
Elisabeth found some Swiss chard from Troy, NY and spiced it up with red pepper flakes and an herbed goat cheese from Coach Farms.

My mouth was watering when I saw pictures of Naomi from Philadelphia’s whole wheat linguine with ground beef, kale, zucchini, yellow squash, garlic scapes, fresh mozzarella, and lemon basil.

Mac in Philadelphia celebrated the Fourth of July by grilling a Natural Acres Farm Porterhouse and dressing it with zucchini ribbons form the garden.

Bezzie from New Jersey found a locally made cheddarwurst that she says rivals Johnsonville Brats in flavor and put it on a Chambersburg, PA bun. And the side was locally grown Jersey corn.

Peg from New York took a recipe from Lauren in CA's Week #1 entry and made up a zucchini, chard and blue potato casserole. And on the side she had some roasted potatoes with her famous garlic scape pesto. It is a reminder to all of us to browse the OLS site for ideas for our own table

Angela in PA proved that the rich offerings of Lancaster County can provide not only local chickena and hamburger, but also local pretzels and potato chips. (I, for one, was amazed in Hanover County, PA to find an entire aisle dedicated to pretzels. It is its own food group I think.)

Mikaela from PA was INSPIRED this week to make pesto from garlic scapes, basil and CHERRIES and lather it on a local Foccacia and top with squash. But that’s not all! Check it out … it’s a great read.

At the center of Seedling in NJ’s plate this week was a local pork chop. It was surrounded by local steamed greens and beets and topped with baby onions from their CSA share.

This week Christy in Delaware made a barbeque chicken and added local broccoli and roasted potatoes. The names of her food sources roll off the tongue like locations in a Beatrix Potter story … Rumbleway and Lockbriar Farms.

What do you get when you put summer squash, kasha and kale togther? Well Rabi from NY likes to call it Squasha Skale. The presentation is top notch, Rabi!

Linda from New York had a hankering for dandelion green, mushroom, garlic linguine and it got her musing about the food pendulum and how it swings.

And last but not least, Meredith in Pennsylvania made a small concession for her picky eater husband, but more than made up for it with homemade black raspberry sorbet.

I heard from two emailers this week: Laura from PA had a hot summer's night veggie meal of corn on the cob with grilled green peppers, sweet onions, zucchini and garlic

Nicole from New Jersey emailed in her report and it was an enthusiastic account of how she has resurrected her old pasta machine and baked her first pie form scratch. Once again she chose a recipe from Epicurious : Pasta with Pesto Broccoli and Potatoes

Here is her ingredients list

-red-skinned potatoes: purchased at Terhune Orchards (appx 30 miles), but of unknown origins
-broccoli: from Honey Brook CSA (appx 30 miles)
-linguine: homemade of long distance King Arthur flour and local eggs
-pesto: homemade of Honey Brook and home garden basil and (really)
-long distance olive oil and Parmesan

She ended the meal with a Berry Tart with Berries that her girls had picked at Terhune Orchards

Great job everybody!!!! Look forward to next week !

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