Monday, July 16, 2007

Mid-Atlantic Week #3

As I sit here in New England, keeping vigil over green tomatoes, my mouth is watering as the Mid-Atlantic entries feature the tomato and even PEACHES in their local meals this week.

Nicole from New Jersey, an emailer, got out her pasta machine again only this time made an Herbed Pasta with Tomatoes, Broccoli and Feta

She ended the meal with a bowl of ripe blueberries

In “the city” Elisabeth made a squash frittata with local eggs and squash.

Peg from New York is lucky enough to live near a farm stand that offers local food for lunch. She ate a grilled panini with zucchini cheese and greens made at her local Blooming Hill farm stand. What a convenient way to eat local.

Mikaela from PA made a wonderful veggie sandwich on a baguette, a salad of beets and beans, some local cherries and washed it all down with a Yeungling lager.

A local chicken was on Seedling in NJ’s plate this week. Her CSA share provided abundant greens for the salad.

Using a whole wheat penne pasta from Harrisburg, PA Christy in Delaware shares the secret of a spicy sauce recipe she learned from an Italian chef while on a cruise. Check it out.

Once again Rabi from NY created the most adventurous offering of cherry-rhubarb glazed tofu & peas in a turnip nest.

Linda from New York gives thanks to the pig that keeps on giving. She made ribs from her fall pig and had potatoes and squash on the side. She even made a and made a Cherry Clafouti for dessert. I also encourage you to look at her Week #2 meal that I missed last week … a delicious stew.

Steph from PA joined the ranks this week posting an egg pie, red potatoes and green beans with PEACHES for dessert …. Wow peaches!

ETA: Meredith from PA was planning on including what she thought were local canned mushrooms in her omelet, but a look at the can told her that those Pennsylvania Dutchman 'shrooms had a Chinese accent. It just shows that it does pay to read the labels, folks.

Great job everybody!!!! I am looking forward to next week !

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