Monday, September 3, 2007

Mid-Atlantic Week #10

The Mid-Atlantic went out in a flourish this week with great meals and important testimonials to how this wonderful idea of Liz’s has changed their behavior.

Nicole from New Jersey is in Maine this week vacationing with her family. He post this week proves that you CAN dine locally when away from home. Anticipating their family meal of local lobster she reflects …“We are happy locavores this week.”

Naomi from Philadelphia’s made a hearty quiche filled with veggies from her co-op share.

Mac in Philadelphia provided a link to the Farm to Philly website. Please check it out. It is filled with wonderful meals that I may have missed these past weeks.

Mikaela from PA featured a Week #9 Meal brought to us by the letter “S” - scrumptious squashed and stuffed spicy seitan! Then this week she made her own pizza dough and her finale LOOKS scrumptious. She sums it up when she reflects:

As much as I love to cook, and love local foods, I can truly say that never would've made a pizza from scratch had it not been for the challenge of OLS. Nor would I have considered using corn as a topping. But! These were all good decisions!

Thank you, Liz! You are amazing and inspiring and fun.”

You may recall that Seedling in NJ became a new mom this OLS season. A special congrats to her for posting when she could. Her meal this week was a simple frittata and her reflections on the 10 weeks are worth sharing here.

“More than material for blogging, we've enjoyed getting to know our local foodshed. Though the challenge may end here, we've got the know-how we need to keep eating locally, at least on some level. And the incentive, too, because meals made from mostly local ingredients are by far the tastiest.”

Christy in Delaware made a delicious looking potato-corn chowder and homemade crescent rolls. She reflected on how her habits for buying and for preserving local food have changed as a result of the challenge.

Rabi from NY had a meal of stuffed patty pan squash with roasted tomatoes, okra and potatoes. Hats off to Rabi for some of the finest food photography in the Mid-Atlantic. It has been a real treat!

Steph from PA made another frittata this week only THIS time with sweet peppers. Yum!

Thanks to everyone who participated and shared the bounty of the Mid-Atlantic region. It has been a pleasure to look over your shoulder in your kitchens and in your gardens. Have a great fall. And don't forget that September is this year's Eat Local Challenge month.

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